Sunday, October 27, 2013

If you need me, I'll be in my shell.

I feel like this turtle today.  Except some slightly drunk people in canoes helped this guy out, and so far today I'm not seeing any drunk people.  Or canoes.  Dammit.  Where is karma when you need that bitch?


  1. I'm not drunk, and I don't have a canoe, and I'm pretty much a weird and awkward stranger from the interwebs - But I'd help!
    You, not the turtle.
    Turtles are bitey.
    I suppose you could be bitey too though. <.<

    1. Ha! Thanks. After thinking about it, it was actually my husband who helped the turtle. I was scared, because turtles ARE bitey! Also, I was busy taking pictures. So I guessss I'm not really due any karma on that one.