Thursday, November 21, 2013

This isn't a post. It's just a long, shouty whine.

I am so ANGRY.

I don't even know how to convey the depth of my irritation here.

*deep breath*

So, you may know that I recently had to stop eating meat, so I wouldn't die.

I did that.  I did good.  No bacon, no burgers, no ham, no steak, NO DELICIOUS FUCKING MEAT!!

Well.  Then I started getting sick when I drank milk.  So I switched to soy milk. (Soy milk is actually pretty good, but let's not get distracted here, I'm still mad.)

Last week I got the flu vaccine.  And had a reaction.  Today I ate a cereal bar ( or possibly two) and had another fucking reaction.  Turns out?  Everyfuckingthing is made with GELATIN which is made from PIG SKIN (and/or COW BONES) which I AM FUCKING ALLERGIC TO.

Sorry about the shouting.  Like I said, I'm pissed.  All the things.  All the good, bad for you, tasty things are making me sick. 

I just have one fucking question, and I'm scared to hear the answer.  Does pie have gelatin in it?

Don't answer that.

In apology for this angry pointless post, I give you a bunny driving a Barbie car.  Please forgive me, I'm just hungry.

                                                            Beep!  Beep!


  1. Oh noeeees :(
    Well lets see here, what kind of pie are we talking about?
    You want to be sure your crust/pastry goodness is not made with lard.. or butter, but with a vegetable shortening or some vegan equivalent.

    Apple should be safe(Because its .. apples and spice), Pumpkin I'm not sure on - as usually theres condensed milk, pumpkin, spices... ack, eggs, can you have eggs?

    Cloudy areas in my thinking are things like Lemon Meringues, Key limes or pudding pies. I know often that tapioca, cornstarch and flour are usually the thickening agents for them but I know theres eggs, dairy etc going on in there.

    I am super sorry about this meat nightmare :( :(
    I found out the really super hard way last new years day that I seem to be HORRIBLY allergic to Soy after eating a vegan cupcake that was made with lots of soy in varied forms. OMG Worst pain in my life for days. SO horrible. I think it might be the mystery allergy causing me to have all these hives all the time in varying degrees since it also is in ALLTHETHINGS.

    1. Seriously, it is awful. And it just depends - sometimes a minor stomachache, nausea, and I get red and itchy. Sometimes, like you said, it is horrible pain and hives and my throat feels like there is something blocking it. My pastry-only diet is obviously not going to work anymore. *Sigh* What do you think about pecan pie? I've never in my life made a pie, but pecan pie is kind of jelly-ish, so I'm guessing there's gelatin in there?