Saturday, August 24, 2013

Conversation regarding blogging, drug use, and the importance of a good alias.

Initially I had decided not to tell my husband I was starting a blog.  But since we have an
open relationship (not that kind of open, ohmygod) I decided I had to.  Also, since I'm going to be talking (shit) about him frequently I guess it's only fair.
Gus:  A blog?  Cool.
Me:  Yeah, I thought I should tell you because some things are going to change around here.   I'm not going to have time for a lot of things.  Like cleaning the house and my real job.
Gus:  We'll hire someone.  (He's so supportive.)
Me:  Also, I may have to start doing drugs.  You know, so my life is more interesting.
Gus:  You're not going to use my name are you?
Me:  Yeah. But not your whole name.   Did you hear me say I'm going to have to get a habit?  For work.
Gus:  I want you to refer to me as Gus.
Me:  No, you are not a Gus.  Come up with something better.   Now, about the drugs.
Gus:  No.  Call me Gus. You can even explain that I'm not really a Gus.
Me:  No.
Gus:   Then I don't want to be in it.
Me:  Too bad.
Gus:  I'm killing you off in my book.

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